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For men & women

Being professional Argentine tango dancers and teachers we know and value the importance of wearing the right shoes when dancing tango. We also believe that practicality and comfort should not exist against elegance and beauty.


A lot of times we have been asked where it is possible to find shoes exclusively designed for argentine tango without having to travel to Argentina. 

We can do this for you by offering a range of options for tango shoes which we also use and recommend. All shoes are designed by professionals who use their years of experience and wide knowledge to make sure the result is not just an other product for any kind of social dance. They look for the specific needs of an Argentine tango dancer in order to produce the most suitable shoes especially for tango. 

We are the exclusive distributors of Argentine tango shoes "New York Tango Shoes (Yaisuri Salamanca)" in UK.


Stock & Custom Made shoes!

The New York Tango Shoes (Yaisuri Salamanca) dance shoes for women and men are available in STOCK and as custom made. You can see the big range of shoe designs by visiting the catalogues on-line, looking at the hard copy catalogue we have and try on the models available in STOCK. If you cannot find something suitable for you in our STOCK you can chose a model from the catalogues and order the right size, your prefered colour, material (leather or suete), heels height etc.

You are very welcome to try our shoes in STOCK and see the quality, their fit and get a guidance for your choice. For the custom made shoes we have a big and comperhensive range of measurements which allows us to give to the manufacturer a really presice image of your feet for the most accurate result possible.


There is a different price for the shoes already in our stock and different price for the custom made shoes. We WILL ADVICE you for the Custom Made shoes prices.



To view the catalogues click on the website:



Contact us to discuss about the different options, book an appointment to see and try shoes in our STOCK and get advice on prices and orders. 



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