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Maria and Guillermo work with individuals and groups of all levels. Currently they are working between Greece and UK running various weekly & monthly classes:

Sitia-Crete, Greece

London with Guillermo Torrens & Alexandra Wood, UK

They run GROUP CLASSES of TANGO, MILONGA & VALS and do PRIVATE LESSONS. All classes & lessons are suitable for different levels -BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED.

PRIVATE LESSONS: We offer private classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Check our private tuition page for more information and contact us for arrangements and bookings.


All classes aim to the understanding of communication and connection, how the following and leading work, technique and appreciation of the music.



This level focuses on all the basic techniques of Argentine Tango, the importance of connection and communication and how to succeed it, all the details of the 2 roles of leading and following and improvisation with musicality. At this level there are no complicated combinations for allowing time to understand the basics and become confident with improvising at first level. 


This level maintains the focus on Argentine Tango technique while students will be learning more complicated combinations which will demand more advanced technique. They will have the opportunity to explore improvisation further by using more comprehensive knowledge.

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