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Private Tuition

Guillermo & Maria are available for private tuition for all levels. Either you are an absolute beginner or you have done Argentine Tango for a while or you are very experienced dancer who would like to take your dancing to an other level a private tuition is a very effective way for all levels and abilities.

During the private lesson you will be able to work on specific aspects of your dancing, technique and musicality and you will be able to focus on what you would like or think you need. Private tuition is a great option for different reasons such as:

* You have no time or are not free the right days for attending group lessons

* You are not comfortable or your get shy when you have to dance or/and learn dancing in front of other people

* You need exclusive attention from teacher for more effective and productive learning

* You want to spend time with your partner learning how to dance together

* Simply you want to have an advanced tuition 1-1

* ....and many more other .....

To find out about PRICES, AVAILABILITY and other SPECIFICS please contact us. 

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