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Even though Maria grew up in Greece she became interested in Flamenco at a very young age. It soon became a big part of her life and she studied under some of the most important artists and teachers in Spain and the UK.  She combined this newly acquired knowledge with her advanced skills in ballet and classical music.  In doing so, she was able to achieve a greater understanding and interpretation of Flamenco music and dance.

Most of her studies were with Raul Calderon, native Spanish artists who graduated from the Flamenco Academy in Madrid. Other important teachers included Anna Garzia, Maria “Tote” Conte, Carolina Esteves, Adriana Maresma Fois and Carmen Lozano. Since then Maria has continued her search to discover advanced and alternative aspects of Flamenco by researching in the UK and from traveling further afield. 

Maria is an experienced performer and choreographer and has performed in numerous shows during her dancing career.  As well as Flamenco she has performed Ballet, Argentinean Tango and Greek Dancing. She has also acted and participated in festivals and performances in the UK and other parts of Europe. Her experience on the stage allows her to interpret and express Flamenco in a narrative and theatrical way.  Flamenco is not just about performing.  Spectators become caught up in the atmosphere and become actively involved, too.

During the course of Maria’s Flamenco career she has collaborated on a number of occasions. She regularly tours with the Flamenco band Electroflamenko. Other collaborations include The Newcastle Flamenco Collective, Flamenco del Norte and Leeds Peña Flamenca.

Her teaching experience in Flamenco involves projects with primary schools and for The Newcastle Music Service.  She introduces young children to Flamenco, does the choreography and prepares them so that they are ready to perform.

Maria also organises and runs projects for adults.  In addition to teaching she can become involved in choreographing and preparing performances as well as shows with live music and social events such as Peñas.


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