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Being involved with dance is a joy and privilege for all ages! Introducing different cultures through dance is even more valuable especially for young children and teenagers.

Tangounlimited has been bringing dance into schools for the past few years and our vision is to engage all schools with some experience of dance.

Our considerable experience in working with primary schools covers Flamenco and Greek Dances along with Argentinean Tango. We have been working in different projects including Dance Festivals in primary schools and other projects with the Newcastle Music Service. The nature of the projects is more than learning few steps of one more dance; they are aiming to the understanding of the culture itself - eg. the flamenco dance workshops can be accompanied with flamenco guitar and percussion- to the learning of basic words for better communication, the excellent opportunity of performing in front of an audience and the formation of confident young people that have high self esteem and great social skills.

We are continuously looking for opportunities to develop new projects and work with young people of all ages from the primary education to Colleagues and Universities.

If you or your organisation is interested in working with us please contact us for discussing about a variety of options.

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